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From Fortune 500 companies to Start-ups, we provide a full complement of direct mail services to hundreds of clients nationwide.


Nothing beats getting a coupon or catalogue delivered into the homes of the people looking to buy your product. Direct mail has been successfully utilized by ecommerce businesses as well, driving online sales. CCI can help you get the right customers to visit your store. We segment user data based on recent or past purchases, geographic locations, seasonality, or various demographics.

Healthcare companies are always looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. From a postcard to a brochure, CCI can help build your brand awareness by creating unique and personalized mail pieces through our variable data and printing capabilities. We take data security seriously and guarantee your data is safe with us.


ANOC Mailing – 370,000 pieces consisting of 96 lots, data processing, postal presort, laser printed carrier sheets, auto poly bagging of four to six items each, and NDC/SCF drops completed in eight days.

Medicare and You – 4,000,000 8.5 x 11 booklets consisting of 20 lots, data processing,  inkjet addressing, and SCF/NDC drops completed in 12 days.

CCI works with many of the premier high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. We have worked closely with our educational partners to create targeted one-to-one direct mail marketing campaigns that have increased their donor base substantially. Using variable data and segmentation capabilities, we are able to create personalized letters with specific ask amounts.


E-Learning Online Learning – 15,000 digitally printed 4/4 self mailers including variable print and presort.

Direct mail continues to be an integral part of many successful nonprofit organizations’ fundraising initiatives. It is a proven method for getting in front of existing and potential donors. From an acquisition mailing to a gala invitation, CCI can assist in the development process. We have helped many of our nonprofit customers gain preferred postage rates with the USPS.

Car dealerships, auto repair centers, vehicle service businesses, and similar types of companies can make use of direct mail in a number of innovative ways. Postcards represent a unique opportunity for the automotive industry because you can create unique offers like a free car wash, detailing appointment, and discounts on scheduled maintenance. Let CCI help you expand your targeted mailing efforts in the right way with effective automotive marketing ideas.


Jaguar – 180,000 pieces consisting of ink jetted self-mailer, folded (duplex), wafer sealed, and presorted.

When it comes to targeting a specific audience and generating a measurable response, nothing beats direct mail. This is particularly true in the financial industry. CCI can help target your best prospects with precision by developing a direct mail marketing campaign, generating a consistent flow of new leads. Financial direct mail can be used for a variety of products and services, including annuities, tax advice, business loans, mortgages, and wealth management.
Political mail is an easy way to promote candidates and get messages to voters. Flyers, brochures, letters, and postcards are cost-effective, memorable ways to explain a platform, referendum, question, or campaign. Official Election mail is any item mailed to and from authorized elections officials that enables citizens to vote including ballot materials, voter registration cards, absentee ballot applications, and polling place notifications. CCI has years of experience working with various political committees and candidates throughout the United States. We understand the importance of getting your mailing out quickly and accurately.
CCI has developed strong relationships with many printing companies across the United States. We provide our printing partners with various letter-shop services critical to meeting the needs of their customers.

Hand Assembly Services

We offer pick and pack as well as kitting. Our skilled assembly team can handle high-volume projects that require a quick turn around time. Due to our years of experience with hand assembly, the speed in which we complete orders has never been faster. The fulfillment of orders through hand assembly has become one of our many strengths.

Warehousing Services

We offer a clean and secure storage location in our facilities for any products or shipments that are being used or processed at a later date. We have recently added 200 pallet locations and offer very competitive fulfillment and storage rates. Our newest partner is a bedding company for whom we fulfill orders and store hundreds of pallets.

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