For over 25 years CCI has been servicing the direct marketing needs of our clients. Our state of the art facility offers the following services to support all your direct mail needs:

Ink-Jet addressing

We offer 10 high speed ink-jetting lines (including 2 multi-head Wave Jets). They are capable of printing up to 5″ of image area at 660 DPI. If you prefer a color other then black we are equipped to ink-jet a wide range of colors. The lines are also equipped with high speed dryers and we can utilize special inks to accommodate a variety of coated and plastic substrates.

Machine Inserting

We are capable of machine inserting from 1-8 pieces into a 3.5″ – 10″x13″ envelope, and can also insert up to 14 pieces in a 6 x 9 envelope. If your project cannot be automated on our inserting machines, we have a full service hand assembly department that can handle your job.

Match Mailings

CCI offers 2 camera systems for match mailing and 100% inserting verification, and can provide custom reporting for our customers.


The USPS has created multiple mail piece designs that require tabbing to ensure postal discounts. At CCI we can place up to 3 tabs on your mail piece and ink-jet all in-line, saving you time and money!

Labeling/Stamp Affixing

CCI can accommodate the application of a live stamp or label to your mail piece.


We offer multiple folding lines with right angle, scoring, perfing, and gluing capabilities.

Poly-wrap & Shrinkwrapping

We offer 3 high speed 5-station auto-polywrap systems, and 2 automated shrink-wrapping systems.


CCI is always looking to mitigate your postage cost. As a result, we have partnered with one of the premier co-mingling services in the US. Co-mingling merges multiple streams of mail (1st Class & Standard Letter Rate) into a single stream. This results in greater volumes of mail, which in return results in cheaper postage.

Drop Ship

Through a program called “work sharing” the USPS offers cost incentives to bring the mail closer to its final destination. For instance, if a large portion of your mail is going to California, we will truck it to a postal facility in California, rather then dropping it off at the local Post Office in South Hackensack, NJ. Our strategic partnerships with logistic companies throughout the US have enabled us to offer our clients the most timely delivery and cheapest freight rates in the industry.

On Site Post Office

We have an On-site postal facility that allows us to ship USPS mail directly from our docks.


We can provide pickups of your mail product with our own fleet of trucks and vans. We also provide no delivery charge to the South Hackensack, NJ SCF Center.

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