PURLS & QR Codes engage audiences in a new way. They help to bridge the gap between direct mail & interactive media, creating a true multi-channel marketing campaign. They enable you to leverage the individual data you have on each of your customers, to create targeted messages that will increase response rates, and generate additional revenue.

How does a PURL or variable QR Code work?

First we send out a personalized mailing or email with a PURL or QR Code that drives the client or prospect to their personalized landing page. You can utilize one of our many customized landing pages CCI offers, or create your own using HTML. The landing page can consist of specific offers that apply to that customer, or survey questions to capture data and responses.

Once the customer goes to their specific landing page, CCI will be able to track them and provide you with real-time reporting and analytics. We can then create an email campaign or direct mail piece based on the responses you received.

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