With rising costs and increased competition it’s vital that you mail smarter. With over 25yrs of data experience, the mailing experts at CCI will make sure that your mailing list is processed efficiently. CCI offers a wide variety of services that will standardize your addresses, ensure your mail is sent to the correct addresses, and eliminate duplicates. These services will result in postage savings that will allow you to achieve a higher ROI on your mailing.


The USPS offers postal discounts to mailers that sequence the mail file in an order that makes it easier and more cost effective for them to process the mail. CCI takes advantages of these discounts by running your mail file through state of the art PAVE certified presorting software.

CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System)

CASS certification is a USPS administered methodology that is designed to improve your addresses. It does so by ensuring the accuracy of carrier route, five-digit ZIP, ZIP + 4, and delivery point codes that appear on the mail pieces. CASS certification is a vital component of postal optimization and helps ensure greater postal discounts.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Within the last few years, the USPS has developed a new barcode called the IMB. It offers greater functionality then its predecessors, the POSTNET and PLANET Barcodes. CCI has invested in their business and have made the necessary upgrades to support the IMB barcode. This will ensure that your letter and flat sized mail qualifies for automation rates.

Track My Mail

Using the power of the Intelligent Mail Barcode, CCI offers the ability to track every piece of mail to its unique destination. This enables mailers to monitor in-homes, so that they can more efficiently staff retails stores, call centers, and warehouses.

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