NCOALink® (National Change of Address)

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually. This can be very problematic to mailers that maintain a high quality mailing list. CCI can help you manage these changes by running your mailing list up against the USPS NCOA database and updating your file with the correct addresses. This will reduce your mailing costs by eliminating undeliverable mail, increase your ROI by ensuring the mail is delivered to the correct address, and allow for faster delivery.

NCOA includes:

48 Month

Mail list will be matched up to the USPS database which includes 48 months or 160 million permanent change of address records.


Identifies and helps correct addresses not recognized by the USPS.


Appends and corrects missing suite information in business addresses.

LACS Link™

Updates mailing addresses that have been renamed or renumbered.


Mailing lists often contain duplicate addresses. This is a result of combining multiple lists or address sources into one. Merge/purge is a process designed to eliminate these duplicate addresses. It is an art, not a science, and the experts at CCI have years of experience creating customized data logic that will ensure duplicates are removed.

AEC (Address Element Correction)

During the CASS Certification process, there are occasionally addresses that the software is unable to match to a ZIP + 4. This results in higher postage costs. CCI can help mitigate these postage costs by correcting the addresses using AEC. AEC is designed to standardize address elements through correcting misspellings, nonstandard abbreviations, incorrectly joined elements, improperly ordered elements, and missing elements.


With over 165 million records, the DSF2 database contains every deliverable address in the U.S. In order to receive Enhanced Carrier Route Basic, High Density or Saturation discounts the USPS requires mailers to run their list up against the DSF2 database and append the walk sequence numbers.

Suppression Processing

It’s vital that you don’t waist money mailing to unqualified recipients. At CCI we offer a myriad of suppression services that will allow you to eliminate bad addresses. The most popular suppressions we offer are Deceased, Do Not Mail, Prison & Nursing Home.

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