List Acquisition

Successful mailers are always looking to expand their business by finding new clients. CCI understands the importance of helping clients grow their business and has partnered with one of the premier list providers in the country to offer industry leading mailing lists.

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List Profiling

We live in a world of endless information, and it’s essential that you leverage this information to better understand your client’s wants and needs. CCI offers a wide variety of marketing analytic tools that can help you achieve this.


Is an automated, easy to use service that statistically profiles your best business or consumer customers across your house file. Within minutes, your database is matched against a comprehensive database of U.S. businesses and /or consumers to create a customized market penetration analysis. The strength of SnapShot lies in up to 28 consumer and 16 business demographics overlays, revealing more information about your customers, so you can market to them – and new prospects – more effectively.

Why use SnapShot?

-It provides high quality data on your customers that enables you to make better marketing
decisions in the future.

-It allows you to finely segment your customer list.

-It identifies your best customers and new prospects.

If you want to kick it up a notch from the SnapShot tool, CCI also offers additional customized modeling services. Please contact a CCI data specialist for additional information.

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