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One of the advantages of digital photography is that anyone can print his or her own photos at home. Sure, you can upload files to a Web site or take them to your local drugstore to let someone else print them for you, but almost any inkjet today will print photos that look just as good and last as long as drugstore prints. But it helps to know a few basics before you start.

Printing your own photos also gives you the opportunity to tweak the results—from simple brightness and contrast adjustments to sophisticated photo editing. Even if you don’t edit the photos at all, doing the printing yourself lets you print immediately whenever you want to.

It’s worth mention too that although printing your own 4-by-6s typically costs a few cents more per photo sending away for prints. It can also cost a few cents less per photo than using one of those in-store photo kiosks. And that’s without including the cost of the gas or your travel time.

Printing photos is easy if you know how. Like most things you can do with a computer, however, there’s more than one way to get the job done. Any one of them may be the best choice for a given situation. Knowing more than one way gives you a bag of tricks to fall back on if the first approach you try doesn’t work well. (Once you’ve mastered the minor art of how to print photos with ease, be sure to take a look at our companion article, A Dozen Tips for Printing Great Photos).

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